7 Horror Movie Scenarios You Should Avoid

If you have watched your fair share of horror movies, you would notice a horror scenario right away. In horror movies, people don’t seem to notice the scenarios, and it usually gets them killed. Luckily for you dear reader, we have watched a lot of horror movies, and we have compiled some key horror scenarios that you should avoid at all cost.

1. Car Problems

One of the most common things that usually happens inhorror moviesis the protagonist’s car breaking down in the middle of nowhere. If you have seen classics such as Wrong Turn or Hostel, this is definitely a very bad scenario for you. You could get waylaid by a robber or a group of thugs. You could get into an accident wherein you won’t be able to find help.

Luckily, in this day and age this scenario could be avoided very easily. All you need to do is a quick maintenance check of your car. If your car does break down, don’t panic. It is better if you just stay in your car, and call for help with your phone.

2. Your House Gets Broken Into

This is a nightmare for many a homeowner and is a common scenario for many horror movie protagonists. Movies such as The Purge take this concept to terrifying heights. What’s scary about this scenario, is that there really is a likelihood that your home could get broken into. Deadly assailants could start popping up in your imagination.

In order to avoid this scenario, you should take your home security as seriously as possible. Make it a priority to check if all your doors, and windows are closed.

It is also a good idea to invest in good quality locks and reinforce your doors. If you have the budget, you could also build a wall around your home. It is important that you have the presence of mind to call the police, and look for a weapon.

From a self-defense standpoint, it is better if you take self-defense classes, and have home defense weapons. A small caliber gun or taser is usually a good option for home invasion scenarios.

3. Gas And Water Leaks

If you’ve seen movies like the Last Destination Movie Series, you will know how terrifying gas and water leak scenarios could be. You never know if a gas pipe leak could be the start of an accidental explosion. The same could be said for water leaks. You never know if there is a loose piece of electrical wiring that could drop on the water that leaked through the pipes.

If you want to prevent these scenarios from happening, you should invest in pieces of equipment for your home. If you want to prevent gas leaks, you should invest in gas valves.When it comes to choosing great valves, you should try SIO. It is a高性能butterfly valve manufacturer, that could provide you with a myriad of great valves.

When it comes to preventing leaks, you should invest in good quality faucets. If you are going to invest in faucets, you should try outOLTSW faucets. Their faucets are of the best quality, and leak proof.

4. Demon Possession

While this concept may seem somewhat far fetched, there have been instances of demon possession, and their details are very harrowing. Movies such as the Exorcist have made this concept very popular.

如果你知道任何显示恶魔彼得的迹象ession, you should stay away. This might be a hoax, or just a sign of mental problems, however, you should not take these signs for granted. As a precaution, you should call a hospital and a priest or pastor.

5. Escaped Prisoners

This scenario is quite scary, because of its realism. The scenario usually involves prisoners getting out of jail. These prisoners are usually killers who stumble onto a group of friends and murder everybody.

In order to prevent this scenario from happening, you should always be on guard. Whether you are alone or in a group, you should be observant of your surroundings. This will help prevent any attacker from getting near you.

6. Ancient Burial Grounds

Yet another scenario that is more on the supernatural side are ancient burial grounds. There have been many classic movies such as The Poltergeist that take up this scenario.

If you are going to build a home anywhere, you should check the place’s history. If there are any hints of a dark past concerning the property, you should look for somewhere else to live. It might seem like a hassle, but it is better than living in an area that gives you the creeps.

7. Cursed Items Being Mailed To You

When it comes to horror story scenarios, one of the most chilling would be cursed items being mailed to you. In real life, there really is a chilling thought of an unknown item getting mailed to you. While it might seem like a fantastical notion, you never really know if you will be mailed cursed items or not.

As a precaution against this scenario happening, you should make sure that you check your mail. If you are going to buy anything online, it is better if you buy from a company affiliated with FBABEE. Thefba freight forwarder is highly efficient and will give you the ability to keep track of all your purchases. With this feature, you will know what packages that arrive at your home.


While horror movie scenarios are cliche, there are still times that they could happen in real life. With this article, you’ll be informed about these scenarios, and how to avoid them.

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